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Nespresso, Swiss

The Nespresso Story told the Caramelly Way

Nespresso started in 1975 by a young intuitive engineer Eric Favre changed the history of coffee forever. His invented espresso machine was elegantly foiled, colorful and innovated with the swagger of sophistication. The brand clearly was built on being uber-cool and having a snob appeal. Over the years the brand needed to be revitalized, to reconnect with its customers and their ever-evolving lifestyles and consumption patterns.

Owning a Nespresso machine even today is a matter of prestige and community driven pride. Its success has been felicitated by a public figure none other than George Clooney. For a business traveler, the sight of a Nespresso pod in the hotel room drawer by the minibar was as familiar as the in-room dining menu at the hotel. Having your own Nespresso machine at home meant being granted membership to the Nespresso Club – a global fellowship of people who care about their brew to spend dollars on capsules and the least time on preparation. The Nespresso made every customer feel like a coffee connoisseur by themselves.

The uniqueness of the brand is that it resonates with not only consumers but also with businesses. With their business solutions for institutionalisation of sales they have partnered with various regional brands to help ground-up their distribution in aspirational markets like India, Europe, Australia etc. Caramelly is one such Nespresso India community started by Shivam and Saumya. Based in Munich, they export all things Nespresso and Gourmet. Both are impassioned coffee drinkers who took the whole responsibility to drive the compostable capsule market in India and Globally.

With their large scale Nespresso product portfolio collection ranging from Barista, Ispirazione, Lungo, Decafs and Origin and Limited Editions, they are delivering their expertise with the single most objective of driving a product experience. Their machine portfolio of Illy, Nespresso Machines, Starbucks and Accessories is also large to explore and make choices into.

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