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JIA, Colaba

JIA - The Oriental Kitchen opens its doors in Colaba

crab meat
Soft Shell Crab

In Mandarin ‘JIA’ means ‘family.’ And rightly so, JIA, the quaint and aesthetically pleasing independent restaurant, takes one on an exquisite journey filled with flavorsome dishes and celebrating some meaningful milestones, is all set to open its doors to all the foodies in Colaba now.

With its sophisticated, contemporary and quaint setting, the elegant establishment is gearing up to alter the dynamics of the way both locals and visitors across the globe choose to spend their outings in a well-versed, fun-filled and delectable manner. From the kitchen comes a memorable feast of spectacular cuisines, all created with passion, refinement, and precision. At the helm of all these culinary affairs are Asian affiocanados Neville and Michelle Vazifdar, founders of Royal China and Kuai kitchen who launched JIA with a vision of entering the pan-asian dining segment and merging Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. This, combined with Chef Bhasker Tamang's prodigic prowess.

Head Chef Bhasker Tamang at JIA

“When we started Royal China, we wanted to bring the Chinese fine dining concept to Mumbai which worked well. A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to do something a little untraditional that we could not do in Royal China which is why we started JIA. We were able to experiment with different Asian cuisines such as Japanese and Thai. We really enjoyed this process as we were able to incorporate different items on the menu,” exclaimed Michelle, who earlier resided in London and moved to Mumbai after her marriage 12 years ago, bringing with her a fresh perspective on Asian cuisine.

Located in Colaba, the refreshing vibe of Jia - The Oriental Kitchen stands in gleaming yet alleviating contrast to the yin-yang-like architecture. Boasting signatures like Special Jia Sushi Roll, Mala Chicken, Crispy Duck Salad, Five Treasure Mushroom Rice with Truffle, Soft shell crab with chili and shallot spiced butter, and Jia Thai curry, to mouth-watering Dim Sums such as Spicy Har Gow with Truffle & Caviar, Spicy Crystal Dumplings, and Corn, Asparagus & Water Chestnut Dumplings, and mains such as Lobster with noodles,in a choice of appetizing sauces like Ginger & Spring Onion, Stir Fried Chilli & Black Bean or Stir Fried XO sauce; Chicken in Chilli Oil & Spring Onion, Tenderloin in Chilli & Black Bean Sauce, Slow Braised Pork Bellyin Clay Pot and Asparagus, and Minced Garlic & Bird’s Eye Chilli, all made in-house by Chef Tamang's Team. Each meal is lovingly curated with refreshing ingredients that recurrently fascinate and appeal to Asian food lovers. An ode also to its friendliest and warm service staff, spearheaded by the ever-charming Ganesh, the team was a breath of fresh air helping us make the right decisions with the dishes . Like they say, more than the food, its the people who draw you in.

Complementing the ultra-modern and elaborate food menu, the beverage program for Jia, is a modern reincarnation of exquisitely crafted cocktails, inspired to help drinkers discover multi-dimensional cocktails from the bold down to the subtle. The brand-new bar menu includes a great and varied selection of Wines, Champagnes, Spirits, Cocktails & Mocktails. Additionally, some of the JIA favourites include drinks with palpable flavours such as Whiskey Sour which is generously concocted with Whiskey, lemon, sugar syrup, egg white, and bitters served on the rocks, Jia Pink Smoky Splash, infused with Vodka, Campari & sugar syrup, and Fizz Float, a Gin based cocktail with a perfect blend of elderflower & pineapple juice topped with red wine, amongst other delicious drinks.

There are two things that make a room timeless, a sense of history and a glimpse of the future. With that said, JIA has a classy and avant-garde touch to its interiors. The pleasant space of the restaurant, with its contemporary and modern interiors, aesthetic artifacts, and curios shapes and shades, gives the space a royal look and feel for its customers. From refined shades of black to calming whites and the suspended chandeliers over the state-of-the-art modern bar, JIA has specially curated a menu adhering to its exemplary setting.

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