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Luke Coutinho x Ashraf Motiwala

Fourth-generation legacy jeweler – Ashraf Motiwala and integrative and lifestyle medicine practitioner – Luke Coutinho, come together to introduce a purposeful line of Affirmation Accessories

In the journey of life, most of us are seeking perfection. We do this without realizing that even nature is not perfect. And we are products of it, after all. Each one of us has flaws. And only when we start to embrace those flaws and accept our imperfections, we start living our true authentic lives. Not being able to embrace our flaws only creates suffering. Accept you first. Because we are all imperfectly perfect.

This simple thought brought two friends and experts in their respective fields together for the creation of a unique movement, set out to direct your faith toward your vision, and transform your dreams into action.

“In my nine years of practice in integrative and lifestyle medicine, I have learned that while medicine and conventional protocols are necessary, they shouldn't stop us from believing in what lies beyond medicine. This is where the power of hope, faith, belief, love, peace, and gratitude comes in. You may be on the best medicine or treatment, but if you do not have hope, your journey to healing becomes difficult. This is where I thought that an aesthetically designed jewelry line that carries these powerful words of affirmation can serve as a beautiful reminder. Faith and fear cannot coexist. I hope when you wear this piece of jewelry or pass it on to your loved ones, it adds value to your lives. No matter how hard times can get, never lose hope, faith, and belief in life and all it has in store for you,” said Luke Coutinho.

A graduate from the coveted GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Ashraf Motiwala, the fourth generation to carry forward the remarkable legacy of A.S. Motiwala, knew right away that this concept had the power to impact lives. The recipient of the Inspirational Leader award for his impressive achievements in the realm of the jewellery businessmen and with his flagship brand A.S. Motiwala being voted the Best Diamond Jewellery of the Year Award for six consecutive years, he knew that his team had the creative dexterity, superior nuances and advanced expertise to craft a line of jewellery that not only last a lifetime, but could leave a legacy. Known for his innovation and always bringing a fresh perspective, keeping in mind shifting consumer behavior, he felt it was important to craft a product that would be wearable daily and still have the personality to make a strong statement.

This curated collection of priceless pieces is instilled with a powerful message. Empowering words have been selected to guide, encourage, heal, and comfort you on your quest toward holistic living. Each word has been chosen wisely after a great deal of care to reflect what we firmly believe in. Love, Hope, Believe, Abundance, Gratitude, Peace, and Faith form an integral chapter in the betterment of your life.

During the journey of discovery, Ashraf chanced upon the universally recognized symbol – Ensō, which became the perfect introduction to the creation of India’s first Affirmation Accessory.

“My team and I searched for the perfect symbol to represent our new signature brand. The Ensō contains the perfect and imperfect; that is why it is always complete. This symbolism resonated for both of us as the circle signifies unity and completion. Perfect balance. But what makes the Ensō more intriguing is that it is not perfect at all. It is rough, messy, and at times not even complete,” said Ashraf Motiwala.

Each piece features a pure golden encrusted Ensō created with precious gold and natural diamonds highlighted by enamel and colorful rubber straps. These straps have been imported from international companies that luxury Swiss watch brands source from. This ensures that these accessories can be worn daily while still looking their best.

With these Affirmation Accessories, it is our intention to create something that would last with its wearers for a lifetime. It can also be passed down through generations allowing this legacy of positivity to continue forever. So join this movement toward holistic living.

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