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White Teak, Coffee Roasters

A European Affair, in Mysuru

Occupying the most central location at the heart of Mysuru - Gokulam, this cafe stands 'white' with poise. It's captivating from the entrance itself. Very European, with cobbled pathway, kane chairs, black and white floor tiles, clean aesthetics. And it lives and breathes single origin coffee’s and first flush teas made exclusively for them. Coffee and Tea, as commonly said, is an art, so due care and attention should be taken to find the perfect dark nectar blend. White Teak, understands the essence of its integrity.

Its nature at its finest at the cafe surrounded by tall trees and garden greens. Even the planted pots are lined aesthetically along the ridge of the upper entrance of the cafe giving almost a walkway of flora. All this, coupled with a dollop of culinary extravaganza, a complete coffee experiential if I may say so. Their bean to cup experience is brought out with the espressos and cold brews. And soon they also start their manual brewed coffee in-house at the cafe itself.

I took a beverage detour from the regular coffee and went for the turmeric infused tea. It was mellow and light, good enough for a mid-day break with a book by the side. The desserts are a treat for the sore-sugar-craving eyes. It was resplendent with every sweet fantasy one can think of. We straight away went in for the Classic Apple Pie with the coconut crumble crisp and the gooey Ferrero Rocher cake. Being in Mysuru, for the very disciplined Yoga course and regime, this was a cheat dish we devoured to the last crum.

The whole vibe of the place was surreal, peaceful and charming and so was the staff. Their friendly faces were reflective of the culture of the place that brews not just coffee but also camaraderie.

The cafe is at its very nascent stage, being opened just 3 months now but plans are in place to make it a cultural melt-pot. In future one may see book readings, yoga or meditation mornings, musical evenings, coffee brewing workshops and much more. Its a minimalist space, zen like, to perch and people-watch. Grab a seat and chat to your cuppa about precisely how you'd like your brew made and rest assured, they will be listening.

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