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Nashi Argan - SunCare Range

Nashi Argan unveils its new haircare range with UV filters

We at TLI, always support conscious beauty and care and facilitate the importance of following a zero-impact policy with a commitment to nature. Nashi Argan, an Italian hair care brand advocates this philosophy and have build their ethos around this concept. Each year, the company invests in research and development to reduce the use of resources that might cause environmental depletion, in the long run. The energy employed at the production sites comes from internal renewable resources.

All their products contain Argan Oil and Organic Linseed Oil, that are free of Sulphates, Phosphates, Parabens, and Sodium Chloride. The organic Argan Oil is sourced from the province of Essaouira in southern Morocco.

We feature their new Suncare Range which features hair care products formulated with UV filters that elevate daily essentials, intended to combat the dehydrating action of the sun, sea salt, and chlorine, when on vacation.

1. Nashi Argan Shampoo After Sun

The Nashi Argan Shampoo After Sun is a limited edition hair cleanser that elevates the shampoo from the classic range. Infused with UV filters, this hair cleanser works to eliminate frizz, deep cleanses the hair, and strengthens the hair fibers from deep within. Designed to brave the effect of the sun, this shampoo is an absolute travel essential.

*Priced at INR. 1500/- for 200ml.

2. Nashi Argan Mask After Sun

The Nashi Argan Mask After Sun is an intensive mask that works to reverse the dryness caused by the joint action of the sun, sea salt, and chlorine and helps restore the vibrancy, softness, and vitality back to the tresses. This mask helps reverse the damage done to the hair and nourishes the hair fibers and gives your tresses shine, volume, and bounce.

*Priced at INR. 2100/- for 150ml

3. Nashi Argan Beach Defence Styling Spray

The Nashi Argan Beach Defence Styling Spray is a detangling spray infused with UV filters that guarantees protection against the dehydrating action of sun, sea salt, and chlorine. Use it to your hair for disciplined, soft, and hydrated tresses. It helps your damp beach hair dry down beautifully without getting frizzy and knotted.

*Priced at INR. 1650/- for 150ml.

4. Nashi Argan Oil

The Nashi Argan Limited Edition Oil is a new take on the bestseller from the brand the Nashi Argan Classic oil. Infused with UV filters, this serum can be applied to damp or dry hair for a more glossy, hydrated, and manageable finish.

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