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An Olfactory Ode to the Multiple Layers of a Woman

Multi layer fragrances to create that ultimate sensorial experience

An ode to femininity and creativity, this latest olfactory experience is carefully curated keeping the multiple layers of a woman in mind. The range of fragrances has been individually designed to elevate, enhance and complement a different side of a woman. Multiple fragrances can be layered onto one another to create beautiful new scents to be spritzed in sync with one’s moods, feelings and personalities creating a truly unique and immersive experience.

There are distinctive 5 fragrances that are crafted to evoke sensuality, playfulness, adventurousness, delicateness and balance. Let's take a look at the line collection :


Envision a starry-eyed woman brimming in love. In anticipation of a romantic evening with a partner, she feels sensuous but shows it only subtly, in layers- flirting with the fragrance notes on her body. To compliment her feminine dress, she sprays on Mystique glamour: a signature of chypre with the right level of depth and intensity with woods and amber. This fruity and edible fragrance is a mesmerising combination of a floral heart and luscious fruity soul, truly forming a rendezvous with romance.

FRESH FLORENCE The sun is brimming bright, hats and chic brunch wear are out- giggles, a walk down the street and mimosas with the girls is what the day is all about. Fresh Florence is a fragrance encapsulating femininity in a bottle. A fruity floral mix with an emphasis on the citrus pomegranate opening, magnolia peony heart & strong woody amber back, the perfume is a fun daywear smell.

VIVACIOUS HEART This one is for the high spirited, adventurous, go-getter, with a never say never attitude. Wind in her hair, letting loose; ready to party donning an individualistic dressing sense and party shoes- this scent is a Fougere fragrance with citrus lavender introduction and a delicious creamy lactonic and woody base, notes to linger on all night long.

EXQUIS NECTAR Drenched in notes of honey and white florals, this rich addictive fragrance is for the sensitive, sweet daydreamer lost in a lull of her own world. She’s enjoying a meal with her parents at home or is found at a favourite cafe; wherever she stays- a trail of a charming fresh Neroli introduction and woody delicious vanilla base leaves behind her dreamy aura.

SILKEN MUSK Wearing a suit, she’s confident yet calm- ready to take over the world. She’s got her armour on to ace a meeting, and the final spritz of confidence comes from Silken Musk: a comforting, cocooning fragrance with fresh and floral top notes, and an ultimate rich and soft base led by De Laire Cuir Velours.

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