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Chez Oi Patisserie, Mumbai

Bake me a delectable cake, from Chez Oi

Make your own Magic, Say Shay-Oye

Making fancy more fun, Chez Oi Patisserie - a dessert brand that believes in bringing back the nostalgic tastes of childhood and a sense of magic with every bite ignites the spark with their "Make Your Own Cake" concept. It is based on the premise of having fun while indulging in the subtle nuances of reveling in one's own creations. The 'Mix-n-Match' of your dream cake.

The experience from start to finish is surreal. I gave myself the pleasure of immersing in chocolate ganache and combining berry infusions. Clearly having my cake and eating it too. Following instructions to the tee, I chose a ultra moist cake with a cornflake praline crunch and fudge brownie with a filling of decadent chocolate cream. The final frosting act was adding the touch of fruity berries to my creation.

What developed from the concept was beyond expression.

The cake had the right fluff with the perfect blend of praline crunch and chocolate cream on the palate. While this was a dream, the entire delivery process from order taking to final doorstep delivery was perfection to say the least. The team was swift with attention to detail about handling their customers while the duo pastry chef's Oichi Nag and Dinesh Gandhi created magic in their kitchens.

About Chez Oi

Home to some of the most elegant but quirky desserts around, this dessert brand believes in making elite concoctions more exciting, and more accessible! Chefs Oishi Nag and Dhanesh Gandhi, are college sweethearts who have managed to bring together some of the best cakes, brownies and macarons with savory breads, sandwiches and salads. It truly is a match made in heaven.

“Fancy should be more fun” - the motto Chez Oi Patisserie lives by, this dessert brand believes in bringing back the nostalgic tastes of childhood and a sense of magic with every bite. But beyond everything, it hopes to grow into a happy cafe that is an extension of home to bring out the true story behind the brand’s name. Chez Oi (Say Shay-Oye) roughly translates to “at the house of Oishi” and strives to be a place where people feel warm and welcome and sit for hours to catch up with friends, family, or even their favourite book.

The menu at Chez Oi is developed keeping in mind the feeling Oishi and Dhanesh want their audience to relate to on the first bite and plays on flavor notes from growing up like bubblegum and popping candy. This has led to the creation of some of their crowd favorites such as the “All I want cake” - Made of cookie dough, ultra-moist sponge, praline paste, and couverture chocolate (everything you could want in a cake, hence the name! ) or the “Feel Good” cake that is made to keep you company through all emotions and situations. Their “Movie Night Crunch” was born out of the idea to have a perfect, cinema themed date at home during the lockdown. It even comes with a movie ticket and a list of their top foodie movie recommendations on it!

Here the offerings combine finesse with warmth, comfort, quirk, and all that sweet goodness.

The patisserie also offers macarons, brownies, cakes and pairs them with mouthwatering bread, sandwiches, and salads.

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