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Brassa, Bangalore

The go-to roof-top for sky-high cocktails and palatable nibbles

High street’s newest roof-top addition has ‘vibes’ written all over it, Brassa is a treat in hues of mellow sunshine, metal decor and foliage in the enviable location of St. Mark’s Road. Drawing day-drinkers and sunset-seekers to an ivy-covered terrace, the place sets the right precedent with good food, music and a convivial atmosphere.

A Look Inside :

Brassa defines its design identity clearly, steering away from cluttered rooftop bars in favour of a Mediterranean theme with matt floors, illuminated ceiling lights, a perched podium making the bar the centerpiece and checkered upholstery accents. Brassa is more about unwinding and celebrating the finer things in life, like watching the sunset with a perfect date or a drink to cool off those Monday blues.

Beverages :

With a rather comprehensive beverage menu boasting quirky concoctions, the Sgroppino - with the zesty lemon sorbet, Vodka and prosecco and an Unironic Sour - a twisted take on Whiskey Sour with a Gin base was the perfect setting pace for the evening to come. The array of beverage offerings was indeed beyond appealing from Sangria’s, Daiquiri’s, Cold & Hot Brews and an exhaustive list of Wines, Sake and Irish Whiskey’s.

My absolute go-to was a non-alco Bev Berry Tea, infused with Holy Basil, Ginger, Honey and fresh berries served in a tea-timed brewing pot, blending all the flavours delicately with not one overpowering the other.

Food :

Nothing short of an extravaganza, the vast menu is a tastefully curated mix of Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Japanese cuisines. Chef Adithya Kidambi of Mossant Fermentary fame, ensured the diners imagination and innovation on a silver plate. The wondrous vegetarian Parmesan and Black Pepper Churros served with a truffle and mushroom dip was stellar and so were the Spicy Avocado and Cream Cheese Roll Suchi. Their Sashimi and Nigiri are also a must-have. The tangy tamarind and chipotle marinated prawns with salsa verde and salmon ceviche marinated with chilli coriander the style dressing were the highlights of the small plates and the perfect blend complimenting the cocktails.

The piquant Moroccan Kefta Kebab marinated with herbs and spices and served with cilantro-forward chermoula and a cooling tzatziki felt buttery nothingness on our stressed palates from non-stop eating. The perfect closing to a yet-to-conclude fine meal.

Our sweet tooth too were well satiated with the ultimate take on the classic Tres Leches. This was the ornamental and decadent Rose Tres Leches Pull-Me-Up Cake with layers of delicate pistachio cream and saffron sponge.

Whether a Sunday Brunch scene or a weekday evening drink, Brassa is driving food enthusiasts and hedonists alike to a place to quench that insatiable appetite. This place is a magical melange of infectious vibes, great food and refreshing beverages.

Venue: Brassa, 4th Floor, Halycon Complex,

No.9, St Marks Road,

Bangalore - 560001

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