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Yog Wellness By Amritara, Mussoorie

Luxury wellness in the verdant hills of the North !

Exhuberance and opulence at this luxury wellness resort for the discerning travelers across the globe.

Nestled in the heart of Mussoorie’s verdant hills, Yog Wellness is an epitome of a luxurious humble abode, par excellence. Featured amongst the best luxury boutique resorts in India, it is spread over 8 acres of endless lush, tucked away as your own private sanctuary. Revel in the ritualistic appeal of wild flora and fauna with the magical unsung wonders of the land of hills - Uttarakhand.

As the name suggests, “Yog Wellness by Amritara has symbolized a union between Indian heritage and timeless beauty of the nature” comments Mr. Rahul Sharpe, General Manager. “Here, one will discover a captivating blend of traditional culture and luxury comfort spread over acres of endless lush, with the best-in-class Spa and Ayurveda. Our guest's care becomes our concern and their unexpressed wishes are fulfilled making each day more memorable than the last”.

The Rooms and Suites are designed keeping in mind utmost comfort. A stay in one of the Luxury Rooms is guaranteed to bring one closer to mother nature’s soul. The private balconies are to sit in the lap of luxury, overlooking the mystic landscape and sink into the cloud-like beds, letting the unadulterated sounds of nature take over. The higher category suites are outstandingly crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It is a tribute to the symbol of personalized hospitality in its purest form. The suite offers a fusion of superlative service and contemporary luxury amenities and an ambiance of stateliness that is quite unparalleled.

Another aspect that draws one here is the culinary journey, helmed by Chef Dan Singh providing a truly sensorial experience captivating our palates. The gourmet experience is spread over stunning views from the alfresco dining restaurant overlooking the valley. One can explore an array of delectable vegetarian signature delicacies with the most befitting backdrop of the lush greens with inimitable style.

Elegant and pampering, with an easy charm that’s reserved yet surreal, The Spa is to be surrendered to. From Aromatherapy to Contemporary massages to traditional Ayurveda, one can discover themselves at the exquisite tranquil spa, where bespoke treatments blend with ancient traditions of Ayurveda. The unique selection of massage and rejuvenation experiences soothe and revitalize your body, mind & soul.


Wellness is an integral aspect and with the trend of Wellness retreats mushrooming is huge numbers, what experiences the resort provides to engage and inspire their guests, is what becomes most imperative. On their guiding principles of complete transformation and wellness, we attended the 2-day Ashtanga yoga Wellness session making our entire stay more holistic and centered around wellbeing and mindfulness. Along with the nutritious servings of the delectable culinary delights by the chef and his team, our stay was luxurious with the warmth and care of the comfort of our home. A careful blend of holistic hospitality and spiritual care was brought to life by Rahul and his entire team along with a special mention to their excellent Marketing and Media Relations team spearheaded by Ms. Shreya Singh Dalal.

This wellness retreat was a mere 282 kms away from Delhi and a one-stop destination for a pristine, tranquil, and expertly luxurious stay in this unexplored landscape of the verdant hills of Mussorie. With experiences carefully curated and a defined focus on wellness with Yoga and Nutrition, our stay was truly extraordinary.

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