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Tokiké, Japan

Changing the narrative of what it means to “fit in”

| Expressionist | Statement | Everyday |


An experimental art house streetwear brand that aims to represent iconoclast voices of the YOUth in India.

The Jack in the Block collection is an ode to eccentric Dutch painter Piet Mondrian's painting 'Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow.' Mondrian called his style Neo-Plasticism and believed his abstraction could serve as a universal pictorial language representing the dynamic, evolutionary forces that govern nature and human experience. The Indian Millennial and Gen Z are an iconoclast generation who are unafraid of adding colour to their monochromatic society. Hence the collection is a surreal depth of colors that finds escapism through the structure of the in-between spaces. The lines that stretch across Mondrian's canvases are replicated on the urban bags to reflect the progressive nature of art and fashion. But to also herald the freethinking spirit of the youth.

At Tokiké, we encourage slow fashion and stay away from the mass production of our products. The designs are made from cotton canvas and polyester/nylon, handcrafted with up-cycled stock load fabrics stitched together precariously, staying true to our experimental nature of fashion. The capsule range consists of 11 bags which see negative spaces be redefined in technicolor shifts in blocks. Essentially, creating a rebound chamber as the primary core of all art, the colors are seen in object design that become expressions of everyday art. Tokiké diversifies to create spaces and provide choices to various individuals in unique ways so that each personal style is represented.

The PIETER is a saint of a functional and fashionable bag for the dreamers on the go. The bag is made from woven canvas and waterproof lining with sturdy, spacious, and back cushion for comfort carrying. In comparison, the FRANCISCA has a harmonious circular silhouette that is perfect for those who love to travel light but with gravitas and style. The multi-functional bag can be used as a pillow as it is very well cushioned, it's zippable, and comes with a coin pocket inside. Meanwhile, the FENNA is a high-luxe take on a fanny pack with an elevated sense of glamour and versatility. The bag is spacious, quirky, and offers an extra bit of comfort while wearing it cross-shoulder, over the chest, or around the waist. It comes with two zippable pockets on the outside, consists of a sleeve inside. The KILTE is a tote bag that is the ideal carrier for all that you need handy, just sling/carrying it on your shoulder, and you're good to go! Whether you're heading for class or work, this bag is sturdy to withstand unprecedented weather conditions. Mondrian's artworks moved beyond the naturalistic depiction of art to embrace artistry's manic and child-like side. The Jack in the Block collection is crafted with perfection; modern minimalism is given a contemporary twist, perfect for those who dare to play with color.

Tokike is a brand for the Millennials & Gen Z in India that consume fashion, art & culture at the same pace as their global counterparts; and are hyper-aware of brands that bring cool and realness to any party. They rebel for a reason, are passionate about being a voice of change and envision an eccentric, empathic, equal future. The products bring interesting silhouettes and color combinations that redefine the scope of Indian streetwear.

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