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When Sustainability and Good Living is at the Core of any business

The world moves towards respecting nature today as we realize the damage we are causing it. The community we live in has a dire need to repurpose what we use and cause minimal wastage. The aim to fight single-use of harmful plastic products and promote sustainable offering is the prerogative of every good service brand today.

Indibam is one such brand that has created a niche in the sustainable industry. Their purpose is to give back to society what they have taken from it and create products that are eco-friendly, natural and bio-degradable. Their complete range of products include Bamboo Water Bottles, Recycled newspaper pencils, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Hand-Made Soaps, Organic Plant based edible powders based on the essence of Ayurveda etc.

Being available on well-known online platforms such as Amazon India, Sustainkart, Flipkart & Mirraw, they promote through various channels of distribution making the world know about their good deeds and cause. Apart from online, they also send products to overseas locations such as Singapore, France & Australia.

As part of their promotional efforts, their efforts have also been showcased and covered by Hindustan Times, Red FM and many popular NGO’s. Their belief is that, :

"any big change in life is not the result of one big stride but small steps in the right direction. Plastics, one of the most important inventions of our time, now threatens our world. Sucked into the convenience of single-use plastics, we are sending an unprecedented amount of plastic into oceans and landfills".

They sternly also believe that sufficient food and adequate education i

s the solution to any problem, that's why they dedicate 10% of profits towards the supply of food and education to underprivileged children.

The brand in India is owned by White Cruz International founded in the year 2019 with offices in New Delhi & Jaipur. "Indi" represents India & "Bam" represents Bamboo. The Brand is managed by two partners. Mr. Summit Khanna and Mr. Paramveer Khosa.

Summit Khanna is an International business consultant spent significant time abroad. During his stay abroad he always saw people being close to the nature and how they would take initiative to keep their country clean and green whereas nothing of that sort was even being talked in India. That is how he got this idea of developing a sustainable lifestyle in India on his return and make our country equally beautiful and plastic-free.

Mr. Paramveer Khosa is a businessman with Rajasthan Tourism, he is a Nature lover since childhood and thus had an inclination towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Together they are a team that strives towards a better tomorrow, making people realise the core of sustainable living and good service to the community we are living in.

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