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A La Folie

Every Fragrance has a story to tell

Depths of tenderness and volumes of love with something as simple and innocent as A La Folie fragrances.

Celebrating life with its myriad shades and living the big moments that abound a lifetime is the true essence of living. Fragrances that speak the language of love and giving back to society in the most generous manner, is A La Folie.

Handcrafted luxurious candles with complex fragrances carefully designed to soothe, indulge and celebrate deep heartfelt love of emotions are universal and unique to this brand.

Choosing a candle fragrance is a very personal choice. A complete sensorial experience in themselves, these fragrances are an expression of one’s mood and persona uplifting spirits. Taking this sensory experience up several notches is this luxury fine fragrance candle house focused on crafting products that allow for completing every individual's lifetime story.

Their debut collection comes from two incurable romantics. Love can be maddening and clarifying, frustrating yet compelling, rational or irrational or maybe rationally irrational! It can also be cruel or sometimes the very definition of tenderness. The Debut collection is a curation of six stages of Love :

• Echo - An innocent infatuation

• Mystique - Headiness of temptation

• Tryst - Layers of seduction

• Unrequited - A yearning for love

• Intertwine - Depths of tenderness

• For Keeps - Celebration of commitment

Each of these fragrances have been specially blended to impart the most transportive olfactory experience while honoring the love it represents.

Commitment to Nature

Being committed to the environment and the community they live in, using best quality ingredients and being most community-conscious is the core essence of their business. All their candles are made from natural soy wax using natural binders. Fragrances are created from best quality ingredients sourced ethically and manufactured in a state of the art facility. Using 100% cotton wicks and their candles are soot-free and lead-free. The most important piece of messaging the brand speaks is through its packaging which is luxurious, minimalistic, and recyclable. 'We Care' is the essence you get when you experience A La Folie.

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