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Savour & Aura

Experience inspired by the essence of nature

A pristine palette of flavours and fragrances extracted from life, Savour and Aura brings forth an array of perfumes and essential oils. Carrying the tagline ‘experience the essence’, the brand amalgamates modern fragrances with the inherent rootedness of India- taking customers on an olfactory journey.

A pioneer in the space, founder, Mrs Sadhana Singh delved into her passion for curating perfumery compounds, utilising her experience and expertise of 25 years. The idea was born amidst the peak Covid era, with the aim to create products to soothe the mind, body and soul. Starting with the creation of shamama tul heena; heena with its woody aromatic tone coupled with spicy and sweet aroma scents, a bespoke blend of beauty and softness came to life. The concoction lingered on- carrying in its notes a reminiscence of one of the oldest perfumes used in ancient India. She brings a touch of old-school mindfulness to the table, one that trickles down to each of the brand creations through a fine balance.

Savour and aura is an experience in a bottle inspired by the essence of nature. The products are naturally created by flowers, spices, herbs, shrubs, and other earthy elements. The offerings are cruelty-free and alcohol-free, making them child and pet friendly. Creating pure and authentic essential oils, the ingredients of these are procured from over the world including saffron and lavender from Kashmir, vetiver from Hyatti and many more.

The essential oils and carrier oils by the brand are efficacious for skin remedies and massages, thereby fostering a habit of self-care and skin care as well. A touch of oil-based fragrances takes us to a world of connecting with earthy elements and raw life. Diffuser fragrance oils, and those for the skin, both define the sync between mind, body & soul. The willingness to go beyond making products, the promise of providing supreme quality and determination to make people relish the essence of life.

Speaking about the brand, Founder Sadhana Singh says,

“There is art in various forms of flavour & fragrances. The real delight is in the process of making a blend of your own. The thrill of bringing together ingredients that are poles apart and making something so unique out of them makes it all so interesting. In our bottles, we are selling to you a story, an experience, and a beautiful journey that is further, yours to create”

Carrying over 200 products in the market with expertise in manufacturing, the brand is now outsetting its very first in-person retail store. In the future, Savour and Aura seeks to merge the essence of bath and skincare products, aiming to curb waste management in the perfume industry.

Now is the time to indulge in the mesmerising aromatic experiences by Savour and Aura, making an enthralling impression wherever you go !

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