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Sasha Eye Wear, Sustainability

Wear brands like Sasha eyewear speak the language of 'Sustainability'

Sasha wooden frames create stir in the sustainability eyewear industry

I as a fashion enthusiast, am very keen on wearing eco friendly fashion wear and accessories. Being environmentally conscious is as important to me as being dressed stylish and chic. Sasha meets all these parameters. Their introduction of wooden frames is an upgrade to creating a statement in fashion. Funcky earthy, vogue and sustainable is what I feel would best describe this brand.

Their masterpieces are unique because of textures, feel and weight. With each piece manually hand-crafted and painted, the brand only uses zero VOC paints for the frames and emits only 1.8kgs per pair of carbon during its manufacturing. With all the eco-friendly aspects, the pieces are carefully crafted to suit the fashion palette and enhance the style statement in a flash. Along with this, there's also the options of personalizing your pair of sunglasses with five to seven characters inscribed on the handles; a name, a date or a memory.

Backed by a legacy of 40+ years in wood work. The core philosophy of the brand resonates with the youth, and thus has managed to build an envious fan base in a cluttered space today.

Speaking about the launch Satyam Singla, Founder & Chief Designer- Sasha shared,

“Our new range is inspired by places and cultures of our diverse nation and seamlessly fuses with the fashion for all seasons at the same time. With growing awareness among our buyers about their eco-footprint, Sasha Wear gives them a wide range of choice to ‘the way they see the world’ moving ahead. Suitable for any occasion, our line also lends itself well as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. On a personal note, it gives me a sense of immense pride that I am able to take forward my father’s legacy. As a Gen Z brand, we are driven by the belief that people need joys of craft, rarity, exclusivity, luxury and discerning eclectic taste to explore self-esteem and individual identity while moving towards a fulfilling life. Sasha is at the forefront of a revolutionary trend.”

The line of products may be purchased on

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