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Lotus Arts De Vivre

The Splendour Of The Natural World

The New Scarab Collection Highlights

The beauty of nature, perfect in its imperfections, is something that artists of every like have tried to recreate since the dawn of time. Monet spent on countless hours painting his famous water lilies, photographers try and capture the colours radiated from the sun across sunset skies.

History is rich with innumerable such examples but nature’s uniqueness is impossible to replicate. It is then simply astounding how natural beauty in art in its original and exquisite form can be applied. This is what the artisans at Lotus Arts de Vivre have aimed to achieve with their new line.

The Scarab collection, a series of ornaments, jewellery and decor items are the ultimate in luxury. Inspired by Her Majesty, the Queen of Thailand and her use of scarabs in her personal collection of jewels, this line has elevated the revered scarab even higher.

The scarab beetle has enjoyed a hallowed status throughout history with the ancient Egyptians using them in a vast number of royal elements. Even the Chinese are known to have placed Jade scarabs in the mouths and ears of their emperors after death, and believed that these would guide the rulers into the afterlife.

Founders - Nicklas & Rolf Van Bueren

The Lotus Scarab collection is a study in outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable design. Blessed by the abundance of scarabs in Thailand, Lotus Arts De Vivre harvests the iridescent wings individually by hand, in itself a delicate and painstaking process. Scarab wings range in colour from brilliant greens and vibrant purples to deep blues and even gold and it is crucial to note that only the songs of scarabs who die a natural death maintain their eye-catching colours. According to Lotus founder and connoisseur of all things beautiful, Rolf Van Bueren , ‘To me, the colours of the scarab wings are more perfect than any lacquer, enamel, or even any emerald or sapphire.

Each carefully removed scarab wing is selected for its colour and shaved to the chosen thickness with surgical precision before being glued on to the piece of jewellery or artefact being made. To put the nature of this process into perspective, Mr. Van Bueren described how a single bead in a scarab wing bracelet takes 5 days to complete. ‘Every piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind, priceless and takes a team of almost 10 people working on each piece’ he says.

This timeless innovative collection, a global trend unveiled by Lotus Arts de Vivre includes scarab wing earring in-laid with diamonds and other precious stones and accented with an abalone shell. A striking dragon motif bracelet in gold with diamonds, emeralds and rubies that includes scarab wing detailing and more.

For any aficionado, or enthusiast, a glimpse of this collection is an unmissable experience.

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