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Lodha Villa Royale & Sussanne Khan Collaborate

A perfect amalgamation of style and warmth at the all-villa estate show flat

Sussanne Khan designs the luxurious show flat at the all-villa Lodha Villa Royale, Mumbai !

This is a collaboration of two of the most luxurious brand names in Mumbai - Lodha's all-villa estate - Lodha Villa Royale and leading interior designer Sussanne Khan. With an aim to create a show flat that is truly modern and luxurious yet serene, Sussanne has conceptualized a bespoke living experience, unlike any other. Designed with finesse and elegance, the show villa makes a perfect addition to Mumbai’s rarest acquisition curated for the discerning few.

Renowned for delivering the finest developments, Lodha has created environments that benchmark the highest global standards. Whether it is homes in India’s most iconic address, crafting the world’s most coveted residences, adding a glittering icon that has redefined Mumbai’s skyline, or creating designer residences for Mumbai’s glitterati, Lodha has been continuously transforming luxury living. Sussanne is known for creating not just beautiful luxurious spaces, but turning dreams into reality that unfold with mastery and modern brilliance.

Having designed spaces for high-profile individuals and celebrities across the globe, she now lends her expertise, experience, and unparalleled eye for detail to the villa, exquisitely integrating her signature design aesthetic of blending classic and contemporary chic with the overall architecture and beauty of development.

The design is conceptualized to create a fusion of textures and elements that reflect the flora and fauna of a retro, tropical colonial Mumbai. A diverse palette of architectural patterns, neutral colors, textures, and a variety of fabrics complementing the exteriors follows through the interiors of the villa, giving it a modern and island vibe. In order to fashion beautiful spaces that seamlessly flow into each other, teal blue is used as the hero color in the story mood board, further keeping all the rest of the hues in shades of spruce green, honey, sand, and salt white. Sussanne believes that design is a beautiful tool to create an emotion for the people who reside in the very space, and the villa is designed to make the owners feel like they are surrounded by the perfect colonial island vibe. Moreover, creative thinking, space planning, and functionality are at the core of the design for the show villa that truly make it a tropical paradise.

Commenting on the collaboration, Vinti Lodha, Advisor – Lodha Luxury says,

“Lodha homes are designed to provide a truly luxurious living experience. For a special project like Lodha Villa Royale, we wanted to collaborate with Sussanne as she personifies sophistication, glamour and effortless style. Together, we have created a stunning villa which is modern, tropical in design and oozes warmth and comfort.”
Sussanne Khan adds, “I am very humbled and grateful to be chosen by Lodha to work on this wonderful project- Lodha Villa Royale. Together, we have put immense efforts and created an incredible signature show villa that would be best described as having a unique mix of the coastal inspiration with European architecture.”

Lodha Villa Royale is an all-villa estate spread across 20 acres of land, where nature, luxury, and privacy co- exist in perfect harmony to create a rare living experience, unlike any other region in Mumbai. Located away from the hustle-bustle of the city yet providing excellent connectivity, Villa Royale is an urban oasis nestled amidst greens with a serene lake, tree-lined avenues & wide open spaces. A secured gated community, Lodha Villa Royale offers thoughtfully designed plots and villas ranging from 200 sq. yd. – 600 sq. yd. with large exteriors having private gardens, family spaces, and roomy interiors, including home offices. Lodha Villa Royale is designed to be a like-minded neighborhood of residents in an environmentally sustainable development. In addition to the finest amenities, Saint Amand curated hospitality services are meticulously planned to cater to the needs and desires of the residents. Providing an opportunity to dwell in an owned villa with the nameplate on the gate, the independent villas allow one to live life like the rich and famous, while also building a legacy for the generations to come.

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