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Contemporary Luxury and Textile-based designer forays into Bridal

Modern silhouettes spread Global appeal

Deeply rooted in indigenous crafts and techniques, designer Kshitij Jalori has built himself a brand with global appeal via its modern silhouettes—coordinated kurta sets, pantsuits, and structured jackets while also creating classic and traditional sarees, dupattas and lehengas.

Having established cult status in the past few years, he has ventured into Bridal creations with the hope to leave an indelible impression.

The BRDL collection focuses on traditional textiles, collating with sharp construction capturing the spirit of the collection where BRDL stands for Bridal. With its clean, structured silhouettes combined with timeless brocades and intricate embroideries, the collection is a regal take on modern minimalism.

On first glance, the prints, inspired by the Qajar Dynasty, give off a vintage air, but on closer inspection, boast of a myriad of flowers and birds, alongside other tropical elements which make up the defining motifs. Sequins and texturous embroidery paired with Qajar prints give the garments a contemporary boho twist. Solid formal colours and silhouettes give way to hidden touches of playfulness — a colour-blocking patch on the inside of a pant, or a slit in the sleeves for a pop of colour. Embroidery is approached in a maximal yet minimal manner with heavy embroidery details placed in restricted layouts.

The collection is bridal, but extends from lehengas and sarees to modern silhouettes such as trenches and Pantsuits, and the garments can easily be transformed from day to night, allowing more wearability and leaving room for multiple looks. A sophisticated yet fun take on tradition, this chic collection is sure to elevate one's festive wardrobe.

Converging primarily on working with traditional design elements of Benaras looms, Kshitij's unique take on art motifs and modern weaving techniques gave a brand-new dimension to conventional craftsmanship. 'Documenting art' would be an appropriate phrase to characterize the label, where the designer forms a union of his artistic inspirations and antique weaving crafts. The brand is known for its colourful and bold palette of garments.

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