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Harit Zaveri Jewellers

Designs that weave a tapestry through time and traditions

Traditional Heirlooms - Commencing the Bridal Season

Portraying them as storytellers, Harit Zaveri Jewellers designs weave a tapestry through time and traditions. Deeply rooted in its history, they are influenced by the ancient Vedas, Hindu mythology and the celebration of festivals. Here, on their 8th-year anniversary we see them eager to unveil their new bridal range for the season, a classic collection of Polki necklaces.

The bridal Polki collection includes a series of necklaces that includes Traditional, Victorian, Open-setting, and Heritage. Designed with utmost precision, these pieces are crafted using precious uncut diamonds and gemstones. All the polki pieces are made with the vision to enrich the maximalist Indian bridal aesthetic. They are also versatile as style statements for generations to come.

Harit Zaveri exclaims, "

We are excited to unveil our latest Polki collection as part of the anniversary celebration. We are looking forward to tap and attract the younger brides with designs that can be passed on as heirlooms. We believe that businesses will cohesively thrive once we feel our audience is satisfied with our jewellery . Thus, we look forward to celebrating our 8th anniversary with an all new line teamed with a positive mindset to welcome the festive and wedding season ahead of us.”

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and design, their artisans are at the very pinnacle of their craft. Most of the Polki jewellery is made using emeralds, rubies and uncut diamonds that are versatile and can be flaunted with any traditional as well as fusion ensembles. This range is beautifully crafted depicting elements that are ideal for festivities inspired by the pleasing colours we see around us. Its all about combining these statement designs.

Each necklace is a masterpiece in itself. One necklace holds uncut diamonds studded in 22 carat gold with intricate minikari work, which requires excellent craftsmanship, which is done on the backside. Two Heritage Polki pieces are expertly handcrafted with uncut diamonds, high quality rubies and emeralds – all in 22 carat gold. A Victorian polki piece is made from uncut, brilliant cut and rose cut diamonds, and emeralds – all studded in 18 carat gold. An exquisite bespoke piece is studded with the best quality non-heated and non-treated emeralds and diamonds. Besides being carefully designed for wedding events, these polki pieces are also perfect adornments for almost any kind of celebratory occasion.

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