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Ishaara, Mumbai

A 'Sign' of Good Times !

Ishaara emploies amazing and full-of-life, almost bursting at the seams, People with Speech and Hearing Impairment as service associates. Guests communicate with them using simple signs on the menu or merely pointing at the dishes and placing their orders. Strategic managerial interventions designed into the sequence of service will create a seamless and intrinsically satisfying experience. The food is designed to be shared in true Indian style but can equally be had individually as the portioning of dishes is based on grammage of proteins equivalent to a two-course meal.

The food at Ishaara is presented with simple elegance. However, the depth that is soon experienced on the palate, is a result of exploring the origins of these dishes, and their journey through time and geographies. We believe that like any previous era, food continues to evolve and adapt, and it is our humble effort to contribute to the evolution of our cuisine within the boundaries of a list of guiding principles established by us to enhance rather than invent. . From the Street Food sections, patrons will enjoy Truffle Pav Bhaji, served with fresh bread rolls baked in-house. The Tandoor and Tawa section offers delicacies such as Tandoori Black Pepper Lobster, native sand lobster, marinated in white spices, drizzled with black pepper; and Lamb Dori Kebab, lamb meat ground to pâté consistency, marinated in spices with piper pepper and floral waters, cooked on a wooden skewer with a thread (dori), unzipped at the table. The menu offers a range of veg and non-veg curries such as Jaipuri Style Exotic Vegetable Salan, crunchy fresh and exotic vegetables in a rich and fragrant sauce; and Lucknowi Chicken Korma, made with cashew paste, variety of herbs, rare spices and yellow chilli. Diners can also enjoy a range of Biryanis, Tandoor Fired Pizzas and Salads and Soups, which include a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Our desserts are cosmopolitan and cross-cultural, including chocolate and fruit-based desserts, some with an Indian ascent, and some without added sugar, indulging on not to miss the Yuzu Semifreddo, made with a green tea sponge.

Ishaara houses a fully stocked bar offering stunning, cutting edge, refreshing and dramatic cocktails, mocktails, teas and tisanes. We have kept in mind that the drinks should stand their ground on their own, and at the same time complement the food. The Blueberry Whisky Sour, whiskey, triple sec, egg-white and blueberry and Ishaara Masala Lemonade, often use palm jaggery as a sugar substitute and create our own fruit and flower cordials and essences.

Ishaara at Phoenix Marketcity boasts of an alfresco section with a plants and light pendants cabana, ideal to spend your weekend afternoons. The interiors are plush with polished wood partitioned sofa booths offering privacy within a busy and buzzing restaurant. All the light fittings have been custom created for the restaurant and the space is filled with natural plants to complete the visual of a restaurant set within a conservatory.

Address: Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, Patelwadi. Kurla, Kamani, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070

Contact Number: 9619715506

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