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EIGHT, Phoenix Mill

An ode to East and Oriental

Inspired by the legacy of the ancient lands of Orient, this is an odyssey of taste and tradition.

Here is an epicurean ecosystem that seamlessly blends eclectic shopping to luxury fine dine, inspired by the internationally curated food floors of globally acclaimed houses like the one's at Harvey Nichols etc.

This concept aims to elevate the mall experience, by conceptualising a unique ‘indoor’ culinary carnival.

Let's talk about the ‘World of Craft’ with all new East & Oriental restaurant – Eight. Named after the luckiest number in China, Eight imbibes the many qualities of this mystical numerical which includes Intuition, Wealth, Innovation, Abundance, Strength and Tradition.

Delicacies authentic to its region are served with a twist, the menu featuring favorites from Canton, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan as well as some signatures from forgotten regions of China.

The focus point of the restaurant is the sushi bar, where one dines by the counter while witnessing their hand-rolled sushi being made freshly by the culinary maestros.

Chef Sagar Sarkar

In an unwavering commitment to quality, all dishes are made with only the freshest ingredients and entirely house-made sauces. Having learned under the legends of Oriental cuisine, Chef Sagar Sarkar has put together the menu after his travels into the interiors of East Asia in a coming together of the very best of the regions.

The focus is on artistic contemporary cuisine that captures the lightness of the traditional dishes from that region. While the perennial favorites will still be an essential part of the menu, one can now start the meal with the lilting flavors of Eggplant in Tobanjan sauce, Smoked duck with spicy black bean, the signature Cantonese pork belly and the absolute delight Soft Shell Crab to name a few.

The menu also offers over 20 varieties of dim sums. Prawn and crab roll, whose delicate flavors stand out without the usual dim sum skin will entice even the most reluctant of palates, while the Spicy Hargaw is a must-have! The tempura selection includes Seabass and Yam bean. Black cod in white miso, Braised pork belly with daikon are some of the other favorites on the menu. The assortment of Woks and Ramen makes for a perfect meal in itself. Order a steaming hot bowl of Seafood spiced fried rice or signature curries – Thai, Malaysian, and 8 Spices which are all made from scratch entirely by house-made sauces.

For vegetarians, this menu is refreshing with tofu & eggplant in black bean clay pot, truffle edamame & blue pea jasmine fried rice and much more, all created using truly authentic vegetarian ingredients and flavours never before tried in India.

A true East & Oriental meal is always accompanied with tea that is perfectly paired with the foods. Eight also offers a host of crafted beverages and signature cocktails to compliment the cuisine. Eight marks the start of our culinary carnival, the city of Mumbai has been waiting for.

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