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Amlyn Living

Amlyn Living - The Piquant Abode Nestled In The Snow Capped Hills

Contemporary aesthetics for the discerning few

Sanctified by the sounds of Vashisht temple & the gurgling Beas , Amlyn Living is a hidden estate perched at 6726 ft, is an oasis of luxury, leisure & serenity. Crafted by the loving hands of mother- daughter duo- Gurpreet Klair & Hurmat Klair Sarna, the space is perfect for someone looking for the harmonious amalgamation of art, culture & luxury.

As Gurpreet walked through the lush lanes of Manali, her mind meandered into nostalgic childhood memories of having spent endless summers chasing her siblings along the bank of Beas. A gift of time she held very close to her heart and a gift she dearly wanted to impart to her children. And that very summer, while she was visiting family in Manali, she expressed her wish to open up a space here, a space where she could nurture the years of memories collected within these mountains. Her wish took the shape of reality when she encountered Mr. Khekh Ram Negi. Hearsay through mutual friends, Mr. Negi kindly offered one of his properties and that was the first step towards the haven that then became Amlyn.

Amlyn - the name comes from the Sanskrit word“अमलन”, which means purity. Committing to this very word, the mother & daughter duo spent over a month going through every nook, corner & crevice of the house, Gurpreet & Hurmat transformed the space into a home where luxury, purity & sustainability go hand in hand.

As you meander along the winding roads of the Himachal hillside, Amlyn stands out like a picture postcard. The stonewalls adorned with intricate traditional woodwork cannot be missed even from a mile afar. Stepping through the doors, a mix of sleek modern elements & rich echoes of locally sourced Kinnauri shawls catch your eye every step of the way. Not missing any of modern amenities, the space speaks to our innate desire to see nature flourish, making one forget the hustle & bustle of life that surrounds us every day.

Every door you open in Amlyn, you feel like you’re stepping into a cocoon of serendipity. Rich pine walls, lush seatings & cozy interiors come together for a unique curated experience. And

with piping hot, delectable meals served to your liking, you can’t help but feel like a treasured guest coming into a welcoming home.

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